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The Never Mind The Job Spec team combines over 25-years of recruitment, talent acquisition and people experience to deliver human-centred hiring solutions for rapidly scaling startups and scale-ups.

Building bespoke and scalable hiring experiences results in every applicant, candidate, interviewee, and successful hire, becomes an advocate for your talent and employer brand.

2023 will be a competitive talent marketplace where social currency can only be achieved through human-centred hiring experiences, which will guarantee your business a competitive advantage when targeting the best talent.

We have experience of scaling from 3 to 70 people across multiple functions, delivering human-centred experiences that result in the most dynamic, motivated, and engaged hires!

What is human-centred hiring?

Human-centred hiring is the dynamic intersection between positive candidate experience, talent brand advocacy, and values-driven hiring.

We understand the importance of unlocking access to passive talent, increasing candidate retention in the hiring process, and creating a faster time to hire. By implementing human-centred design principles, we partner with companies to ideate and create bespoke hiring experiences that focus on channels to attract and engage diverse talent globally.

We prototype and test new ideas that enable us to understand the latent and specific needs of talent. Our approach leads to higher levels of talent brand advocacy and an increased offer-to-acceptance ratio.

By prioritising human-centred hiring, you’ll not only improve your recruitment efforts, but also establish a positive reputation as a leader, team and company, who values its candidates’ experiences. We’re ready to transform your hiring process with human-centred hiring.

Access to passive talent

Increased candidate retention in the process

Increased offer to acceptance ratio

talent brand advocacy

Faster time to hire


We focus on the candidate experience, which means placing a strong emphasis on the individual's experience - after all, these human-beings are the future of your company and your values.

Creating a bespoke candidate experience by enhancing the accessibility for applicants, removing unconscious biases from the interview process, we embed a model that actively promotes inclusion and attracts diverse talent.


With all the job searching tools available today, people talk and share their experience, so it's important to us to build a talent brand for your company, to ensure everyone becomes an advocate for your culture and company.

We combine the use of social channels, data-driven insights, and employee advocacy, to amplify your company's vision, culture and mission, to wider and more diverse talent audience.

values driven

Using values as a guiding principle when making decisions about hiring, companies can start to rethink traditional hiring practices - from how opportunities are advertised to how interviews are conducted - and this leads to the creation of innovative hiring experiences.

We create a values framework which identifies candidates who align with your organisation's core mission and culture. When your hiring process is built on a foundation of values, engagement and retention rates are higher.

understanding your talent brand

The majority of companies will focus on quantitative recruitment metrics and data such as time-to-hire and application-to-offer ratios; the emphasis here is on the companies ability to hire the right person quickly and efficiently.

What is commonly ignored are the quantitative and qualitative data sources that are the basis for a company’s Talent brand. While leaders are most familiar with the concept of ‘Employer brand’, a companies ‘Talent brand’ is often seen as part of the ‘Employer brand’ scope. NEWSFLASH! – they are completely different, and the Talent brand has more power to influence the talent market.

Invest Time

Investing time and effort into the hiring process is an important part of human-centred hiring. Time is your hiring currency.

A human-centred approach creates the foundations for hiring team members to get to know each individual in the hiring process by focusing on understanding their goals, exploring their motivations, and by giving meaningful feedback at each interview stage.

This results in increased offer-to-acceptance ratio, talent brand advocacy, and high candidate experience feedback scores.

lead with empathy

Using empathy as a guiding principle when making decisions about hiring, companies start to rethink traditional hiring practices - from how opportunities are advertised to how interviews are conducted - and this leads to the creation of innovative hiring experiences that are focused on building relationships with talent.

This approach also helps to create an environment in which people feel respected and valued throughout the hiring process, ultimately leading to higher levels of satisfaction and engagement - whether the individual is successful or not.


By focusing on building relationships with potential candidates, startups and scale-ups can also tap into new sources of human capital they may not have engaged or discovered previously through more traditional recruitment channels.

For example, this can help them find more diverse candidates who bring different skill sets and perspectives to their team, which helps foster a more inclusive culture where everyone feels welcome and appreciated as a human-being where their talents have impact.

measuring outcomes

Taking a human-centred approach to hiring, you can achieve greater engagement and experience positive outcomes throughout the process.

Our data shows that this approach yields higher levels of attraction and engagement from passive candidates, increased retention rates in the interview stage, higher conversion rates from offer to acceptance, improved positive feedback and candidate advocacy for your brand, and more referrals and recommendations for active opportunities.

growing leadershiP

Hiring key C-Suite & Leadership

As a Founder and/or Co-Founder, your leadership hires are essential to reaching your growth ambitions. Your own network can be the best starting point, however, this has a saturation point. With human-centred hiring, you will be able to assess and hire talent based on an objective and values-based process. The result? - you can be sure that the leader of your organisation is chosen through a fair, transparent, and impartial process. Exciting times ahead!

Let's create incredible leadership team...

A retained search model that includes:
  • Market mapping to identify a diverse pool of talent
  • Bespoke interview process aligned to company values
  • A focus on reducing unconscious bias and promoting diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Rich data-driven insights that support actionable outcomes
  • A bespoke on-boarding process for the new leadership hire

Starting to hire

beginning with key hires

You've assembled your leadership team and now it's time to build your teams. You have an ambitious plan of making key hires over the course of 3-6 months, and you've already experience the power of human-centred hiring through building your leadership team. It's an exciting opportunity to build a top-notch team that will drive your company's success.

Let's begin this journey...

A hybrid retained-contingent model:
  • Market mapping to identify a diverse pool of talent
  • Supporting you to design an interview process
  • Training and guidance to reduce unconscious bias, and promote diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Providing data-driven insights
  • Partnering with you to on-board the key hires

Scaling for growth

hiring across all functions

It's time to embark on an exciting journey of rapid growth! To reach your ambitious hiring targets, you need a talent acquisition partner that is just as committed to your journey as you and your team. Let's create a human-centred powerhouse talent brand together!

Fuelling for the journey....

A full end-to-end in-house talent acquisition solution:
  • Design and implement the foundations of your hiring framework
  • Market mapping and establishing your channels to the talent market
  • We'll own the end to end recruitment and hiring across all functions
  • We can train and guide your hiring teams to reduce unconscious bias, promote diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Partnering with the hiring manager & teams to deliver the best hire

supporting the leader

Founders & C-Suite Leadership

As a Founder, Co-Founder, or C-Suite Leader, your time is the most valuable commodity. With your team and business growing, requests for it will only increase. But don't worry - we're here to help! Take back control of your schedule and focus on what matters most for your business's growth. Get ready to focus your time to deliver more meaningful impact!

Let's give you time back.....

  • A flexible solution that can be tailored to your weekly needs
  • Dedicated calendar and inbox management based on your requirements
  • Daily updates with actionable insights to help you manage your time
  • Managing your network to ensure you continue to stay connected
  • Beginning and end of week summary meetings to keep you on track

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