About Us

The Never Mind The Job Spec team has over 25 years of recruitment, talent acquisition and people experience and provides unique human-centred hiring solutions for rapidly scaling startups and scale-ups.

At the heart of our organisation lies our values – values that drive us individually and collectively. Through a culture project, we’ve taken the time to understand each other better; learning about our working styles, our personalities, and how all these pieces fit together in order to reach both our personal and professional goals.

We’re passionate about partnering with people and companies who share similar values and have an ambition to build their own unique culture.

As part of the discovery phase with new clients, we are eager to learn more about you and your company’s culture.

Our Values


Unlock the door to gaining trust with transparency. We believe this to be the key to establishing strong relationships. We make sure that our commitment to honesty and openness is always a priority.


Honesty is a powerful choice, and we take pride in showing our true colours to the world. Let's celebrate the courage it takes to be genuine and open with each other.


We strive to create an inclusive environment with a foundation of open dialogue and understanding. We believe that education is the key to making progress and recognising our own privilege. We are committed to diversity and inclusion.


From the very start of our relationship, we show you respect - no need to earn it. We believe that every individual deserves to be valued and acknowledged for who they are. It's our hope that by providing this level of respect from the outset, we can build a strong, lasting bond with you.


Collaboration, inclusion, and being constructively direct are all rooted in a sense of harmony. By fostering an atmosphere of understanding and respect, we can create the conditions necessary for true collaboration and progress.

active listening

When you take the time to truly listen to another human being, you are not only showing them respect and trust, you are also empowering them to make a contribution by creating an open environment where learning can take place.

our team

Glenn is the Founder & CEO of Never Mind The Job Spec, he is a live show and podcast host, occasional event speaker, and is always dressed in denim.

Glenn has over 17-years experience in talent acquisition and recruitment, partnering with startups and scale-ups in the Fintech, Insurtech, PropTech, NFP, ClimateTech and eCommerce sectors. With direct experience of partnering with Founders and Leaders to scale teams from 2 to 70 people.

As a passionate values-led individual, it's no surprise that Glenn established Never Mind The Job Spec to create bespoke and scalable human-centred hiring experiences that connect individuals with companies.


Founder & CEO

Diego joined Never Mind The Job Spec after over 10-years as a Director of Sales & Business Development, travelling all over Europe for S&P, IHS Markit, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

As a senior-level sales professional, Diego has extensive experience of data-driven decision making, strategic marketing for sales lead generation, and he has a background in recruitment with enterprise-level technology companies in the UK & Europe.

Diego is a passionate champion for inclusion, diversity and equality, and he embodies the Never Mind The Job Spec values of transparency, honesty, inclusion, respect, harmony and he’s a great active listener.


Co-Founder, CCO & COO

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